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Our Chipseal Service

We make humdrum black and flat driveways glamorous and textured with a chipseal decorative stone surface. is an Eastern Massachusetts business with a storage yard located in the Hyde Park section of Boston which is south and west of the center of Boston. We have provided high-quality and durable driveway chip sealing services in the State of Massachusetts. We also want potential customers to know that we do travel outside of Massachusetts.  To the south, we service Rhode Island and some of the easterns parts of Connecticut. To the north of Massachusetts, we go to the State of New Hampshire and up along the Maine coast for over 25 years. We are continuing to do work in this area, installing chipseal projects. Each job has a secret sauce. Our Secret sauce is knowing the critical factors for success and preventing failures. Just like any rodeo, after you have done a lot of them the next one we do is not that hard.

Chip Seal Specialization

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Dedicated equipment to spray the right hot asphalt cement so we can apply the best bonding agent. Independent of what we use on other projects.

We specialize in chip seal installation. Our service is not an add on a process that a paving contractor also offers and does when needed as an option. Our focus and specialization are durable chipseal installations. A company built around this function provides more experience, knowledge and focus on chip sealing and how to best do it. With this specialization, we have probably the largest number of installations of any active contractors in our service area. It may well be that when you are selecting a chipseal contractor, you may want to think of the following analogy. The analogy is when you select a heart surgeon; you always want the surgeon that does the most successful surgeries. It only makes sense.

We have the experience, the right equipment, we have tooled our company around the efficient application of chipseal. On top of that is our knowing the critical factors involved in what it takes to produce a long lasting chip seal project. Conceptually it is not rocket science to glue stone to a driveway. The reality is there is more to it than what meets the eye. We know from experience you do have to sweat the details to produce a good looking durable chip seal surface on a driveway. Call 781-254-2773

Chipseal Compared to Asphalt Surfaces

How chipseal is different than asphalt pavement. Asphalt paved driveways are constructed with the finish layer being “hot mix” from the asphalt plant. This process mixes and coats all the aggregate with asphalt cement. It is then spread on site and rolled with a steel drum roller creating the smooth flat surface. The difference with chipseal is our process is a surface application.

With chip sealing the hot asphalt cement is applied on top of base asphalt. The chipped stone is not mixed into the hot asphalt as with the regular paving process. A chipseal installation is done entirely on site. It starts by spraying the hot asphalt cement on top of a previously installed pavement that is the base of the driveway. After the stone is spread and leveled to a consistent thickness rubber tired rolls are used to press the stone in place. The rubber tires work the stone into the hot asphalt. This is done to create a good asphalt cement bond two-thirds of the way up on the stone. The roller also pushes the individual chip stones tightly up against each other. This produces a densely packed surface great textured surface. Hot mix asphalt is finished with steel rollers that produce a different finish and look. It creates a flat densely packed smooth surface with a very fine-grained texture that will open up some as the asphalt cement oxidizes over time.

Rubber Tired Rollers

The finish on a chip seal driveway partly due to the roller used. On a standard “blacktop” driveway the hot asphalt is spread to the right depth and grade then compacted with a double drum steel roller. This creates the typical flat uniform finish on the driveway. Our chip seal roller has two sets of rubber tires to push and roll the stones into place. The front wheels are staggered in comparison to the back so they follow a different pattern and work the stone into place. If metal rollers are used in this application they would break off the peaks on the chip stone and create less texture to the driveway as well as fractured stone.

Both Art and Science

Chipsealing also requires the art and science of applying just the right amount of liquid asphalt to either an existing or new asphalt pavement. Believe it or not, we also need to know the electrical charge on the stone. The result of not taking this into account is a project that will not last.

Next, we do the spreading of a native or colored aggregate (chip stone) to the liquid asphalt. For custom colors other After additional steps are taken, the result is an in-place stone surface. Custom built trucks and spreading equipment allows us to be labor efficient in placing the stone surface. Construction and moving tons of material are hard, but if the company is tooled correctly, you get a quality effort at the end of the day the same as you get in the morning.

For a step by step description on how we do a chipseal installation a more detailed explanation is at our chipseal driveway page. Also if you have any question, please call us, we would be happy to talk about what you need for your particular situation

The chipseal process will add years to your properties pavements life. A well constructed chipseal driveway adds value to your property. In place of a flat black driveway with chip sealing, you gain a designer, textured surface for your paved areas.

Chipseal Compared to Asphalt Surfaces

We look forward to discussing with you the specifics of your project needs and vision you have for an exceptional pavement surface. Call 781-254-2773

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