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It is our pleasure to meet with you to discuss your goals regarding the look you want to create.

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23 plus years experience in chip seal installations in New England installing high-quality projects that last.

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We do not have to compromise in our process because we consistently do enough projects in order to be tooled for it.

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We take care of the finer details in the installation. Then we turn over to you a clean completed project you will be proud of.

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Focused chip seal contractor

By focused we mean this is our business, not an additional option that a paver offers. The number of projects we do is higher which means we are more focused on the best process and have tooled to handle the best asphalt cement as well as efficiently handle the chip stone. The end result is producing a great looking driveway that will last.

For details regarding how we go about our work see our details for installing chip seal driveways. We look forward to answering any questions you may have and work to fulfill the view of how your driveway should look.

Our customers are homeowners, landscape architects, and designers. We work with a wide variety of backgrounds, interests, and experience the main thing in common is have an outstanding finish, color, and texture to the paved surface leading into the home. Often the driveway can be one of the largest surfaces seen from the curb and this is the surface we specialize in.

Our experience in chip seal installations means we have seen most application issues and situations. From each project have done we learn and build up our experience. So when we visit to provide a quote we can explain all the ins and outs of a chipseal driveway project.

Years Experiance installing chip seal

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Chip Seal Texture

A view of the textures created for your landscaped property by combing a crisp edge to the chip seal driveway up against a coble stone transition to the road