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Chip seal driveways “It is all about the arrival experience”

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What area do you service?

We are a Boston based company that services the Eastern half of Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, and Southern Maine. For a map and more details of the area, we travel to please see our service area page.

How do you schedual installation

We provide free quotes for our service and visit each location to ensure conditions are correct for quality installation prior to doing the job.  The wild card for the actual date of installation is subject to the weather. We require a warm and dry base material for a quality installation. So early spring and especially late fall is always hard to juggle with the vagaries of New England weather. 

What is the best way to reach us.

Our company is field based. What we mean by that we are not in an office rather out on the job doing the work and running the company. We try and stop at any time to take phone calls. the number here is for Paul who is on every chip seal job we do so what we commit to is done.  If that does not work our contact form will get responded to as fast as possible. 

What experiance does your company have?

We are working on over 23 years of experience. We have equipment dedicated to our process so that we do not have to compromise on the materials we use. There are other operations we perform but that material is used in different trucks because the cleanup and switching the material in the same truck is just too hard. We suspect other companies select the products they use based on other materials they use and what fits the company not what fits best with the highest quality end product. Fortunately, we have enough work to support the investment in the dedicated equipment.

What types of jobs do you do?

Typically we do not do municipal road work. Our tooling is set up for driveways, private roads, and paths. For projects that require equipment that takes a full lane of stone application, there are others that can do this more efficiently than we can. Our tooling is different than theirs.

Were can I get more answeres

We do have a full Frequently Asked Questions page and if there are other questions not handled there or the rest of the website please feel free to call Paul Fulmore at