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Boston Based Chip Seal Driveway Contractor

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Our equipment yard is located on the far Western part of Boston (Hyde Park) close to Metro West. There are not a lot of contractors that specialize in chip seal installations so if you are looking for this type of service, we want you to be able to find us. is as the name implies a chipseal contractor based in Boston serving a reasonable travel area that typically included The State of Massachusetts, The State of New Hampshire, and The State of Maine primarily along the coast. We make plain black asphalt driveways into more than just a way to get to the garage. Instead, they can be a richer blend of color and texture.

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Our History

We have been working in the asphalt business since 1989 here in Massachusetts. But we are not a paving contractor that does new pavement. Initially having experience in pavement maintenance, we were developing knowledge on what had to be done to fix pavement and bond repair material to it to create durable repairs. After a while and developing a reputation for quality some vendors alerted us to the fact that there was a market niche we should explore. We learned that property owners wanted better-looking driveways and there was room for quality installations that would last. We know that driveways can be long black ribbons leading up to the entrance of a home. With the skilled use of chip sealing, we provide a durable decorative entrance way to your home. Color and texture selections allow you the homeowner to design the look of your property. For more information visit our about us page.

We have the right people

The Best


The Best People

When a contractor arrives at a job site and everyone knows what to do and how to do it without a lot of discussions – that is a sign of an experianced quality crew.


The Equipment

Companies that do not specilize in chip seal installation for the entire season have to make tradeoff is how they tool for this specialty work. We do not, because we have 


Material Knowledge

The concept is simple but knowing the right sources of all the components makes up a good part of our secret sauce = durable end product. 

We have the experience

We execute the plan for you. For years we have worked with architects, landscape designers, home builders, and homeowners to install both an elegant and durable driveway surface that will provide the “look” you want. Experience with the key factors required to produce a quality driveway is the ingredient we bring to the project. Conceptually the process is easy. Hot emulsion with decorative stone to make a chip seal driveway is what we do. But having the right sources of and how to use it is what sets us apart.

When To Say No

A long-lasting chip seal project that is durable over time sometimes takes saying no. Just like Frank Perdue it can take a tough man to make a long-lasting chip seal surface. The right temperature, moisture conditions and components are all needed to get the right project that will last.

We have the right stuff

Managing the project to provide the “secrete sauce” that combines both the are and science to do the right thing for your chip seal project.

  • We have the right stone
    • Hard stone that will stand up to traffic and not fracture over time
  • Handle the moisture requirements
  • Have clean stone
  • Minimal dust and dirt to prevent good bonding of the chips to the asphalt

Equipment for the asphalt

  • Pressurized asphalt vessels built for the purpose
  • Customized golf cart with heated tank for hard to reach places
  • Full sized tankers for transport from the terminal to the job is done by us

Equipment for the stone chips

  • Flow boy stone truck.
    • Does not need to be raised so we can work under trees, wires and obstructions.
  • Custom stone shuttle for tight places and pathways
  • Wheelbarrows and all the misc. tools needed to apply liquid asphalt on the driveway not the landscape or granite edging

All of the above factors add up to capablity that is focused and specialized for chip sealing driveways efficiantly and with techniques that produce lasting results.

We provide chip sealing services in Southern New Hampshire, Eastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Martha ’s Vineyard and Rhode Island. For more information please see our service area page.

For your distinctive driveway project that enhances your home please contact us for a site review and estimate. We can be reached at 781-254-2773