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What We Do

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Proper Preparation

We shovel, broom, and clean the entire area for proper bonding to the asphalt subsurface

Chip Spreading

We hand rake the stone for a good final finish

About Chip Seal Driveway

About us. At chipsealdriveway.com we know that our customers are looking for a unique paved entrance to their homes. Some have large estates and distinctive homes. They want more than just a plain flat black ribbon of asphalt leading up to the house. They are looking for an Exquisite Gravel Driveway without having to rake the stone back in place, get the stone out of the grass, and need to buy more stone periodically.

What we do

We provide the look of a distinguished decorative stone driveway with stones that are cemented in place and will stay in place for years. With our years of experience installing chip stone surfaces we know what works and what does not work to produce a finished product that will last in your specific situation.

Who we are

We are a Massachusetts specialty contractor that does chipseal. A contractor that knows how to bond layers of stone and asphalt. Our other business is gluing two layers of asphalt together. (But that is another story). We have a proven track record of over 23 years of quality chipseal applications. There are others that do similar work. Locally there are not any that do all the quality steps we use.

We know the best asphalt cement to bond the stone chips to the sub-pavement, how to match the stone to the cement, the right clean stone that will last and the list goes on. Our focus is on quality and the long term durability, specifically how your driveway will look years from now.

application of chip seal picture

Chip seal application

Where we do it

As a niche contractor that primarily installs tar and chip driveways, we do travel. Our base of operations is in Boston, so we naturally cover the State of Massachusetts. In addition, we go to;

and the Eastern edge of Connecticut.

Have truck will travel

Others have installed chipseal driveways and not used the same level of materials we use and have chipseal installation failures. We avoid failures. We know how to apply the right amount and the right kind of asphalt cement and stone. These factors will make a difference. Others have had jobs fail immediately due to an insufficient application. Some contractors after installation and a bad rain the chipseal has started to wash away due to poor asphalt binder selection that requires dry, warm weather for multiple days. Even worse excessive application of liquid asphalt can cause real trouble that is hard to fix. On one mansion driveway project way too much material was used on the driveway the inferior product started coming up through the stone and was being transferred to there feet. The very sticky asphalt being tracked inside the home and else were. With miss application cars will be tracking tar into the driveway creating a serious cleanup problem.

Know the Difference

Based here in the Boston Area, we believe an educated customer is our best customer to steal a line from Sy Simms. We want our customers to appreciate the differences and know our track record on many high-profile projects. We typically service Eastern Massachusetts, The State of New Hampshire, and Southern Maine.

How We Do Quality Work

We have direct access to the highest grades of asphalt cement and then process it for chipseal applications, so it sets up faster based on temperature, not a long weather dependent drying time. Our chip sealing process is supported by having a full time dedicated equipment and people for this process. For more complete information see this page

An overview of our equipment

Seldom is all of our equipment in one place at one time

Our History

The Installation of Chipseal driveways was started by Riverside Asphalt Services Inc. that was founded in 1989 and is a State of Massachusetts certified woman-owned business. The company starting with one used truck and small seal coat tank for transport of material to each driveway to be seal coated. That part of the company grew over time until we picked a different direction. Staying with the theme of asphalt maintenance and bonding to asphalt for a period of time we also did hot applied crack sealing on state roads.

Over time the parent company Riverside Asphalt grew a fleet of trucks for state highway work providing and spraying tack coat for contractors that are resurfacing the local and state roads. The firm now owns a specialized fleet of distributor trucks and liquid asphalt tankers to make sure we have the quality and quantity needed from the region’s terminals.

Only the Best


The Best Glue

The ability to efficiently cement the stone chips in place is one way we make sure our driveway installations are durable and long lasting

We Know The Technology

It may sound basic but there is critical science involved and we have studied it and know the variables involved.

Experiance and Equipment

The X factor is hard to show on this website and some of that is we do not want to show it to the world. If we have an opportunity to provide you with a quote we would love to give you the whole story in person.

What this history means to you

We can provide you the durability of a paved driveway with the beauty of the stone surface.

We have explored and used most products and technology that is in any way involved in gluing stuff to asphalt. It may sound simplistic, but many people do not go that extra step to apply all of the best practices for any number of reasons.

Chip Seal has been used in various forms since at least the early 1900’s. The quality has improved over the years with better binder technology, cleaner aggregates, and improved equipment and a better understanding of how the materials perform together. We stay on top of all developments.

We work to know and apply all the nuances involved in a durable chipseal project. We get involved in the science of what we are doing and know on a personal basis the people in the industry that keep improving it. As we watch others in the industry we know what will work and what will now work. So we want to provide a high-quality product at a fair price to you. We take great pride in our accomplishments and aim to be the local leader in chipseal asphalt driveways by doing the best possible job for you. One great job at a time.

This is how we build a loyal customer base who value our expert knowledge, quality workmanship, and strong track record. When you hire us, you get a company with a solid reputation, highly experienced employees and a strong track record for professional chipseal applications.

This is NOT an add on service

Some paving contractors provide chipseal services as an add on sale. This is not us. We are committed to the application of chipseal and have invested in it. Our company has custom built equipment to get the stone placed efficiently The firm also owns several pieces of one-of-a-kind machines built for us that allow us to perform our work both safely and efficiently in hard-to-get-at areas that are common in a residential setting.

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Quality work is hard to see on the surface. But it is there in the details.
Doreene Fulmore – Owner
Paul Fulmore – Operations