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Boston Area Chip Sealing

A pavement surface treatment that is sometimes called tar and chip. Chip seal is a surface treatment that combines both a layer of asphalt and a layer of stone embedded into the asphalt. In New England, with our applications, it is applied over a base layer of pavement that creates the foundation for the driveway. A more Global definition of chipseal is below.

Definition of Chipseal

Wikipedia defines chip as the following;

Chipseal (also chip seal) is a pavement surface treatment that combines one or more layer(s) of asphalt with one or more layer(s) of fine aggregate. In the United States, chipseals are typically used on rural roads carrying lower traffic volumes, and the process is often referred to as asphaltic surface treatment. In Australia and New Zealand chipsealing is used on a larger percentage of roads, both rural and urban.[1] This type of surface has a variety of other names including tar-seal[2] or tarseal[3], tar and chip, sprayed seal[4] or surface dressing.[5]

The reason we bring this up is try and provide clarity regarding when our service may or may not fit with our potential customers needs.

The Chip Sealing That We Do Not Do

The term chip sealing is applied to a number of different situations. To clarify it we have a video section showing a number of other applications when chipseal is used as a surface application to fix problems. We use chip sealing to enhance the appearance of a sound and fit the paved area. Our description to follow is to help explain the difference so that it is clearer to a potential customer that is thinking of buying this service here in New England. We have a video section that shows some of the types of chip seal applications that we do not do.

Possibly a more specific term that is used regarding chip seal applications that we do not do is “Bituminous Surface Treatments” or “asphaltic surface treatment”. This term helps differentiate application situations of the same technology. One website Pavement interactive defines bituminous surface treatments as referring “to a range of techniques that can be used to create a stand-alone drivable surface on a low volume road, or rehabilitate an existing pavement.” They go on to say chip seals are used for;

  • low volume roads
  • used to seal cracks
  • provide a new wearing course
  • protection from sunlight and moisture

These items are not what we address. The typical time we are hired is when a customer is looking to enhance the look of their driveways and paths with a stone surface but not the maintenance keeping the stone in place.

Definition by Comparison

The project above is in Kansas City on a municipal road that has a high clay content in the base material.  The sheep’s foot roller is proof of this type of soil that is not prevalent here in New England. “The main objective of this project was to provide stability while still maintaining the appearance and “feel” of a gravel road.”

Municipal Road

Areal view of chip seal project being installed in Union County, NC

The Type Of Chip Seal That We Do

We provide a final coat on solid asphalt pavement that is decorative and durable. Chip stone is embedded in asphalt cement to hold the stone in place despite traffic forces. Here in Eastern Massachusetts the projects typically are driveways and walkways that have a sound and stable base pavement.

We work closely with architects, landscape designers, builders, and homeowners to implement their vision of a custom pavement surface that is both decorative and durable. We have installed chip seal driveways at some of the biggest mansions and chip seals paths at national parks. With extensive experience in both the asphalt emulsion business and chip sealing, we can work with our potential clients to develop a chip sealing solution that will achieve your vision.

For every project, we analyze every project to make sure that all factors for success are taken into account. We do not want to go back to repair a job and we strive every day to build a reputation as the most knowledgeable and reliable chip seal contractor. We have done this by saying no when we have to. On every project quality control is driven by not doing anything that will not stand the test of time.

New Construction

New construction has a lot of pressure to get the project completed. Often at the end of a building project, the pavement is one of the last steps to complete a project and make it look the way the owner has envisioned it. We the weather and season are not right we say no. When the required dry weather, temperature and job conditions cannot be met we will not push to do an installation that is destined for failure.

Chip Sealing an Older Driveway

Renovation of a driveway with chip sealing takes a slightly different approach. With new construction, the base asphalt has been placed to the right depth and compaction. Chip sealing certainly can be done on an older driveway. The focus in the project changes to making sure that the base asphalt is sound. Ruts, cracks, and repairs have to be made before sealing, not trying just to cover up problems. At this point, if changes in the driveway layout are going to be made it needs to be done prior to sealing.

What We Do For You

We will provide a distinctive and durable driveway that will enhance your home. We meet with you, your architects or landscape designer to set up the project correctly. A specific plan will be outlined for you on what we plan to do. If you have questions and would like a quotation on a chip seal project please contact us. Call 781-254-2773