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This service is NOT seal-coating. We install a durable decorative stone wearing surface to enhance the curb appeal of your property

“It is all about the arrival experience”

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Chip Seal Pavement Projects

About Us

We work every day to provide the best possible installed project. We install a distinctive look for your home, not just a black flat paved surface leading up to your home that supports vehicles into and away from your property.

We are a specialty asphalt contractor that has years experience with bonding agents and asphalt. Our chipseal installation is geared to both a good bond and the right stone that creates the look and texture you want.

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We are interested in exploring your situation and the look you are looking to create. Much of this website discusses the right circumstances for using chip seal applications that will be durable and long-lasting. So it only fits that we both visit the location and provide a free quote.

Paul is the owner and the one that will meet with you to discuss your ideas and or work with your landscape architect to implement the project.

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What we do

Chipseal Installations, Western Massachussets and surrounding areas


With chip sealing the hot asphalt cement is applied on top of base asphalt. The chipped stone is not mixed into the hot asphalt as with the regular asphalt paving process.

Chipseal Driveway

We are a contractor that services the high-end residential driveway market in the state of Massachusetts as well as the New Hampshire and Maine coast. The focus of our chip sealing efforts is to be a specialty contractor focused on this niche and know it very well.

Custom Installations

The application of a durable decorative pavement surface the definition of what chipseal is and examples of projects we perform and types of chipseal we do not do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our resource for information about chip seal, driveways and paths. Questions that customers ask us along with the answers to these questions to help better understand the chipseal installation process.

What is Chip Seal?

A written definition of what a chipseal installation. Also, we have put together a detailed image of what chipseal would look like if you had an expanded cross-section cut from one of our projects

Chip Seal Driveway Service area

We have put together two maps for our site visitors. One is to show the general area we travel to for installations. The second one is a map of our equipment yard.

Contact Chipseal Driveway

We are a Boston-based company that services the Eastern half of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Southern Maine. We can be contacted by phone, inquiry form or e-mail.

What does chip-seal cost?

What does a chipseal installation cost? A view of the factors that affect the cost of a chipseal installation.

Chip Seal Private Roads

Chip sealed pavement helps to differentiate for the public that based on color and texture your private road is not a town or city street.

Our Chipseal Service

We have provided high quality and durable driveway chip seal installation from Connecticut to Maine over the last 25 years.

Driveway Design

"Whether the driveway is long or short, as you arrive at a destination, the driveway says something special about the place."

Chip seal and Driveway Materials

The transition from the road and directs the guest to the most natural entrance onto your property

We’ve Been Building For Over 12 Years

Over the years a number of different ventures all tied to asphalt and bonding treatments to asphalt has been our background prior to working on chipseal applications. We are committed to performing a high-quality process that is both durable and decorative.

The full-time focus on installing chipseal gives us the time and track record to know the ins and outs of the application. If you are looking for more information regarding chipseal installation or a quote please contact us.

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