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Chip Seal

Driveway chipsealing services is provided by our company "Riverside Asphalt Services". We work closely with architects, landscpae designers, builders and home owners to implement their vision of a custom pavement surface that is both decorative and durable. Read More


Sometimes referred to as oil stone or tar and chip driveways or chip seal has long been utilized by home owners and government agencies to extend the pavements life expectany. Just like a shingle protects a roof chipseal protectss a driveway.
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Is it apperance or function? It does not matter the end result is a durable low manintanance driveway that looks great. An additional benefit comes in the changed appearance of the pavement. A long lasting chipseal can be achieved by utilizing the proper combination of liquid asphalt, suitably engineered stone, and proven construction methods. You will effectively protect your investment in pavement and enhance the appearance and beauty of your home.

  • chip seal roller
  • hand spraying asphalt
  • hand spray around landscape features
  • spreading chip stone from wheel barrow
  • spreading chip stone on driveway into hot liquid asphalt
  • hot asphalt distributor truck
  • hand tools for surface preperation prior to chip seal application
  • spray truck ready to apply liquid asphalt
  • flow boy stone truck
  • chip seal driveway
  • chip stone sample in hand
  • chip sealed driveway with gate
  • stone chip sample
  • white marble stone chips
  • red chip stone

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